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We design immersive experiences that change perspectives to shift business and shape a better future.

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We work with companies across the world to bring out the best in their people through immersive experiences. These experiences take participants through a strategically aligned journey resulting in deeply changed individuals and teams that transform their organisations. We build in-person, virtual and blended solutions around client needs; from complementary learning modules to fully bespoke solutions across three focus areas:


Corporate Volunteering

Enabling companies to tap into employees’ passion to make a difference through opportunities that leverage their skills and drive positive social and environmental change.

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Leadership Development

Using immersive experiences to empower tomorrow’s leaders to navigate uncertainty with confidence, engage with the world differently and embrace new perspectives.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Moving companies beyond box-ticking to engaging in experiences that change perspectives, build and strengthen allies, and develop more inclusive places to work.

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“At the same time as enhancing partners’ programmes and organisational capacity, employees benefit from a unique learning experience in which they are able to apply and develop their own skills.”

Laura Hemrika | Credit Suisse