A Transformative Experience that Helped Forge a New Path

by John Lentini  |  16 May 2024

This year Emerging World turns 20!

We’re celebrating all the ways our immersive experiences have had an impact on the participants, partner organisations and clients we’ve supported over the last 20 years.

In 2014, while based in Poland with the late, great Credit Suisse, I participated in the Global Citizens Program which was coordinated by Emerging World. I was partnered with an incredible NGO called Room to Read with a mandate to develop their countrywide leadership in South Africa on Coaching and Mentoring skills.

As I dug into it, I realized the needs ran much deeper, so I ultimately worked hand in hand with the Credit Suisse’ London-based Learning & Development team as well as leadership at Room to Read for about 3 months remotely to develop a bespoke curriculum covering the spectrum of Leadership skills including not just Coaching and Mentoring, but also Unconscious Bias, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Managing Difficult Discussions, Active Listening, Social and Communication Styles, and more. I then delivered this program for five full days in Pretoria in September 2014.

The experience was nothing short of transformational for me. While this field of curriculum design and classroom facilitation was not at all part of my day job, I had been running large global Operations and Finance organizations for years, managing hundreds of staff, and the people agenda had become front and center for me. My evolving passion for developing people and more specifically leadership, was coming into clear focus for me.

While I continued in Banking for another 4 years or so, my participation in this program led me to facilitate training on the sidelines of my leadership roles both inside and out of banking, from Poland to New York and even to the Maldives. I had no real plan to transition my career, but ultimately, this path naturally led me to my current business ownership role with Crestcom International, a top global Leadership Development organization. This has evolved to the most rewarding and natural fit of my life and career, and I owe direct gratitude to the Emerging World experience for this.



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