Our founder on his very first immersion where he discovered his purpose.

Emerging World was founded in 2003 from an insight that great shifts come from seeing things from different perspectives. The company still has this purpose at its core. We work with clients to create programmes that use immersive experiences to bring out the very best in their people.

Companies increasingly need to give space for their people to have the opportunity to re-energise, reconnect, innovate, widen horizons, develop and grow. Whether the company calls that space a leadership programme, a stretch assignment, a volunteering opportunity, a team development experience or job purposing, when its design is entrusted to us at Emerging World, we’ll make it as powerful as possible by making it immersive.

And what makes that experience immersive?

It’s real – meeting real people, working on real challenges and rolling up your sleeves to engage and empathise with the world other people live in. It’s connected to a new time and place. It’s all encompassing and captures your head, heart and soul. It combines the opportunity to experience and experiment with the chance to reflect. It could be close to home or many miles away but it is different and, for a short time, disconnected from your familiar world.

From this experience you emerge with a new outlook and fresh perspective that’s grounded in a deep experience from which you can continue to draw. Your world will not be the same again. It will be bigger, richer, more multifaceted and more energised.

Our Partners

Since 2003 we have supported over 800 partners in more than 60 countries through our work.
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Our North Star

Our purpose is to Change Perspectives to Shift Business and Shape a Better Future. But what does a Better Future look like? And how can businesses lead the way towards it?

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