Emerging World wins award for Diversity and Inclusion Programme

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) announced that Emerging World are the winners of the 2021 WIAL Innovation Award. The award was presented to us in a virtual ceremony at the WIAL Global Conference on 24 September 2021.

We are overwhelmed to win this award that recognises a unique application of WIAL Action Learning. It is a real pleasure to stand amongst previous winners that include The New York Public Library and Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. This year, we have been recognised for our innovation in the use of Action Learning at scale in a virtual setting on cross-sector projects where corporate leaders supported non-profits on their challenges.

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One of these projects was a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging programme for leading digital workflow company ServiceNow. The programme saw 200 senior leaders at ServiceNow come together from around the world for two half days of learning at the company’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIBs) Leadership Summit. The leaders worked in 29 Action Learning groups. Each of these groups worked on a separate challenge presented by 25 different non-profit organisations from nine countries around the world, all working to address issues of systemic inequality.

“Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are paramount at ServiceNow. To build a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone feels like they belong, it must start at the top,” said Megan Kollar Dwyer, Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at ServiceNow. “Partnering with Emerging World really enabled us to push the boundaries of traditional DIBs programs. We are empowering our leaders to become agents of change to dismantle injustice in every form and to co-create an equitable world while empowering others to do so as well.”


The Summit was held completely virtually in a mixture of whole group plenary sessions and small group breakouts using Emerging World’s INmersive approach. Everyone had the opportunity to develop skills and learning with 89% of partners agreeing that the programme led to positive development of their leadership skills and competencies and 89% also gained new perspectives that were valuable for their work. Critically, 94% felt confident in the actions required to take forward their challenge.

Matthew Farmer, CEO and founder of Emerging World said “I am extremely proud that Emerging World is the winner of the 2021 WIAL Innovation Award. The award recognises all stakeholders involved in these innovative virtual leadership development programmes. It endorses the hard work that we have done at Emerging World to make virtual immersive Action Learning a success this year, as well as the foresight our client companies, Salesforce and ServiceNow had to apply these learning approaches to important areas of leadership. The award also acknowledges the non-profit partner organisations that have been served through this work and the WIAL coaches that have applied their Action Learning coaching skills to make these programmes such a success.”

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) has more than five hundred coaches in over forty countries, representing more than thirty WIAL country affiliates. The 2021 WIAL Innovation Award recognised Emerging World’s best-in-class use of Action Learning to achieve breakthrough results, develop leaders, build high-performance teams, embed a coaching mindset and change organisational culture.

We will be talking about our how we have taken Action Learning virtual and to scale in a webinar later this year

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