Immersive Experiences Build Resilience

2020 has been a challenging year that has tested people’s resilience. We know that Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programmes shift behaviour because they stretch and challenge participants, but we wanted to further understand how these types of programmes help to build the resilience required to lead in times of global crisis. And, we wanted to understand which aspects of programme design can make a difference.

To look at the impact of these programmes, we first identified a list of resilience measures (detailed below), from our annual CISL Impact Study. Then we used the data from the 2019 CISL Long Term Impact Study to understand what influences these measures:

When it comes to designing programmes that are focussed on building resilience in participants, this is what we have learnt:


The 2019 CISL Study data shows that CISL experiences build resilience across a wide range of measures. However, the table above also shows that when participants set learning objectives prior to their experience, they are more likely to develop resilient and responsible behaviours.


We can also see that when senior leaders champion a programme, participants report higher resilience and responsibility across all measures.

These kind of insights which explore the relationships between programme design and impact are really useful. They can help organisations make the type of changes to their CISL programmes that are needed to ensure they remain relevant and fit the needs of the current context.

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