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At Emerging World we are learners, observers and change makers. We constantly strive to understand new thinking from the leading edge. Here is where we like to share our thinking, what we’ve been up to and the thoughts and ideas of others. It is intended to entertain, inspire and provide aspirational fuel to fire innovative ideas that shape a better future.


14 October 2019

Corporate Volunteering for the 2020’s

PRESS reset for a corporate volunteering programme fit for today’s and tomorrow’s employees’ and society’s expectation By Amanda Bowman, Corporate Volunteering Lead at Emerging World. How annoying is it when your computer becomes sluggish and programs aren’t working as smoothly as they did a while […]

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01 August 2019

Untapping your company’s purpose potential

We live in an age where companies and brands with a compelling sense of purpose seem to have a significant competitive advantage. I read articles every day about how purpose-led companies outperform those that are not. As someone who has always struggled to find the […]

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08 May 2019

Scaling Corporate Volunteering in a fast-moving World

Corporate Volunteering programmes (CV) have become an important part of any progressive company’s corporate citizenship/CSR approach. As companies become more global, they often seek ways for their corporate volunteering efforts to match their international presence and interests in society. Even when volunteering programmes become part […]

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15 April 2019

The importance of measuring the long term impact of your CISL programmes

Corporate International Service Learning (CISL)* programmes offer leaders the opportunity to test their abilities and develop global leadership skills by applying their work based skills to a project or assignment that serves a third-party constituency. Most often, companies seek to understand the immediate responses and […]

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05 April 2019

Using Action Learning to Develop Purpose Driven Leaders in Salesforce

Why are we here?  And why do we do what we do?  These are big philosophical questions that have been preoccupying mankind for many years. They are also questions many corporations are now asking themselves in order to provide competitive and relevant workplaces in an […]

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05 April 2019

What the VUCA!

VUCA is used to help leaders and organisations understand the world in which their business operates. It is an acronym frequently used at Emerging World and is central to our programme design. The term VUCA, an acronym of Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous was originated […]

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02 April 2019

The Changing Face of Executive Education

Uber has disrupted the taxi industry, Airbnb the hotel industry and Facebook has disrupted the media industry. These are significant shifts which are transforming business and society, with the respective organisations becoming ultra-successful by responding to the changing needs, preferences and values of consumers. So, […]

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