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The latest stories in our partner perspectives series feature some of the amazing partner organisations who have been inspirational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They are organisations that have inspiring stories of courage and innovation to share. The partner organisations that feature in the series are a focal part of our Immersive Experiences. At Emerging World, the work of our partners inspires the participants in our programmes in life-defining ways and challenges them to think differently about the things that deeply affect people and truly drive change. Our work also supports our partners to shift the way they work and have a greater impact. These posts allow our partners to share their stories and perspectives of the work they do and the impact this is having in communities and in the world more broadly! It is our hope that their experiences and insights will inspire us to look deep and explore ways we can do more for the world!

Solidarity Foundation

Priyanka, a transgender activist who is also a fellow at SF, distributing ration kits to transgender persons in Ongole, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh

Solidarity Foundation is a Bengaluru based national, non-profit organisation that works with marginalised communities (largely low income, rural area based, non-English speaking) of sex workers (female, transgender and male) and gender/sexual minorities (LGBTIAQ+). We support grassroots organisations and individuals through enhancing leadership, expanding livelihood options, providing fellowships and grants, and advocating for their rights while adopting a social justice and human rights approach. Our team bases its efforts in South India and many have more than 30 years of experience in the developmental and the social sector.

Ration kits ready for distribution in the Shivamogga city of Karnataka.

Our story of inspiration

Solidarity Foundation’s long-standing work with working-class, semi-rural or peri-urban area based transgender persons and other gender/sexual minorities prompted us to provide immediate relief as soon as the nation-wide lockdown was announced due to COVID-19. Transgender people often have two livelihood options: seeking alms and sex work, both of which came to a sudden halt due to the pandemic. They lost their means of survival and were wrongly blamed for the spread of the pandemic. Having worked with the gender/sexual minorities communities for years, we understood the harsh realities that befell transgender persons, and provided immediate relief in the form of food supplies, hygiene kits, protection gear, among other kinds of support.





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