16 May 2024

A Transformative Experience that Helped Forge a New Path

By John Lentini  |  16 May 2024 This year Emerging World turns 20! We’re celebrating all the ways our immersive experiences have had an impact on the participants, partner organisations and clients we’ve supported over the last 20 years. In 2014, while based in Poland […]

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02 May 2024

A Unique Virtual Immersive Experience 

As part of our 20th Anniversary, we wanted to create a virtual learning experience that supported members of our community to envision a better future and what we can do to help bring it into being.  In a world that feels more polarised and fragmented […]

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17 April 2024

5 steps you can take to shape a better future today

By Matthew Farmer  |  17 April 2024 Are you trying to figure out what you can do to shape a better future? You’re not alone. People are looking for meaning and purpose through their work more and more. To recognize Emerging World’s 20th Anniversary, we […]

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12 March 2024

Connecting Emerging Sustainability Leaders to Nature Experiences

By Coralys Negretti, Director of Communications, Earthwatch | 12 March 2024 This year Emerging World turns 20! We’re celebrating all the ways our immersive experiences have had an impact on the participants, partner organisations and clients we’ve supported over the last 20 years. How can […]

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14 December 2023

Chief Diversity Officers deserve your support: here’s why and how you can help

By Matthew Farmer | 15 December 2023 To be successful in their roles, Chief Diversity Officers need to embody adaptability: they need to build coalitions and relationships with different parts of the business to get their agenda across. They need to inspire and advocate for […]

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31 August 2023

Bring the Board on Board: The Power of Senior Leader Champions in Skills-Based Volunteering Programmes

By Amanda Bowman   |   31 August 2023 Welcome back to our series of posts that look in more detail at the five themes that drive impact in Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering. The learning has come from Emerging World’s experience and from our recent research […]

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30 August 2023

Creativity. Climate Diplomacy. Community.

Creative Migration is an international arts organization based in both Los Angeles, California and Bangkok, Thailand. Our mission is to bring together cultural and climate diplomacy with a special focus on collaborative community building through intersectional practices.    Our Flagship Hub: Bangkok 1899  We established Bangkok […]

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24 August 2023

Optimise the Learning Opportunity in Skills-Based Volunteering

By Amanda Bowman   |   24 August 2023 Welcome back to Part 4 of our exploration of the five themes that drive Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering. We’ve already explored the importance of identifying the right partners and scoping the most effective projects, the need to […]

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17 August 2023

Making It Human: Putting the Heart into Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering Programmes

By Amanda Bowman   |   17 August 2023 We’re now at Week 3 in our series looking at the five themes that drive impact in Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering. Last week we reflected on how Corporate Volunteering Programme Managers could focus support in order to […]

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09 August 2023

Unleashing Impact: Focused Support in Corporate Volunteering Programmes

By Amanda Bowman   |   9 August 2023 Last week we shared the first of five posts exploring the insights of how to maximise the impact of virtual and hybrid skills-based volunteering programmes based on our recently launched Best of Both Worlds report. Building […]

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03 August 2023

Maximising Impact in Skills-Based Corporate Volunteering: The Power of the Right Partner and Appropriate Skills Match

By Amanda Bowman   |   3 August 2023 The recent launch of our Best of Both Worlds Report showed how Programme Managers can maximise the impact of virtual and hybrid skills-based volunteering programmes. It describes Ten Impact Drivers that you can focus on to […]

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01 March 2023

When We Thrive, Our World Thrives

Dream a Dream’s new book When We Thrive, Our World Thrives sheds light on how we can empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to thrive. Dream a Dream is an Indian non-profit organisation working to transform the experience of education for the over 260 million […]

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18 January 2023

Never mind the resolutions; here are some ideas on how to make your international corporate volunteering programme 2023-ready

By Amanda Bowman  |  19 January 2023 Whether or not you’re the kind of person that makes (or breaks) resolutions each January (or even avoids them completely), a new year does provide the opportunity to set some priorities for things to start, stop and do […]

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05 October 2022

Our North Star

At Emerging World, we’re obsessed with creating immersive experiences that change perspectives, to shift business and shape a better future. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been asking ourselves what that better future really looks like. This has led to the development of Our North […]

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07 September 2022

Corporate Volunteering and Employee Activism

There’s been some huge changes in workplaces around the globe over the last couple of years. The way people work and interact with colleagues and leaders would be almost unrecognisable to previous generations of employees. Today employees are speaking out on political and social issues […]

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03 August 2022

Partner Perspectives: Barefeet Theatre

Our partners are organisations with stories of courage, dedication and innovation. They are a focal part of our immersive experiences. The work they do inspires the participants in our programs in life-defining ways and challenges them to think differently about things that deeply affect people […]

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25 July 2022

Belonging – A red thread for change

This article was written by Jeannine Gant, our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Lead. If you would like to learn more about our DIBs solutions, please send an email to jeannine@emergingworld.com. I’ve thought about belonging for years! It lives in my head rent free. I believe […]

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22 June 2022

The Four Shifts Shaping Leadership Development

The Pandemic has changed the Leadership Development landscape forever, but are corporate leaders ready to accept the new realities? Understanding the broader shifts and designing the right learning experiences play a big part in making this happen. To inform our design process at Emerging World, […]

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06 June 2022

Now! for Corporate Volunteering…

I’ve been reflecting on my many recent conversations with people responsible for international corporate volunteering programmes. They’re all excited about the fact that their people are returning to in-person corporate volunteer assignments. They’re also mindful of their experiences over the last couple of not-so-normal years […]

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06 April 2022

CISL in Action

What does a CISL programme look like? In our recent CISL Builds Resilience Blog series, we’ve shared a lot of data about the impact of Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) experiences. This data is valuable and provides important insights, but amidst all the numbers it’s […]

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29 March 2022

Adapting CISL to the Current Context

In 2021, we conducted the Emerging World Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) Resilience Study. The Study has provided brilliant data that helps us further understand how the design of immersive learning experiences can impact participant outcomes. Through the Study, one of the areas that we […]

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02 March 2022

Developing Resilience Behaviours with Immersive Learning

Corporate International Service Learning experiences challenge employees to use their skills to help different purpose-driven organisations in other parts of the world. These valuable immersive experiences also enable participants to learn skills, develop new behaviours and foster a mindset that helps them to make the […]

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23 February 2022

Immersive Experiences Build Resilience… We’ve got the Data!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to rethink how to develop their people, support civil society partners and deliver any Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programmes. This has resulted in drastic changes to immersive experience programme design, and at extreme speed. An example […]

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09 November 2021

Using Action Learning to Drive the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Agenda

One of the major breakthroughs of the past couple of years has been how issues of diversity, inclusion and belonging have entered mainstream public consciousness and become a key issue inside corporate corridors. In a recent Deloitte CEO survey, building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive […]

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06 October 2021

Emerging World wins award for Diversity and Inclusion Programme

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) announced that Emerging World are the winners of the 2021 WIAL Innovation Award. The award was presented to us in a virtual ceremony at the WIAL Global Conference on 24 September 2021. We are overwhelmed to win this […]

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28 September 2021

We’ve won an Award!

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) announced that Emerging World are the winners of the 2021 WIAL Innovation Award. For Emerging World, the biggest challenge we have faced in the last 18 months, has been to take our in-person learning approach, in which leaders […]

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14 April 2021

Team Development for the Virtual Era

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst in the move towards organisations embracing virtual working. Industry announcements, like the one from BP who told 25,000 office-based staff that they will be expected to work from home for two days a week as part of a […]

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31 March 2021

What’s culture got to do with it?

A few days ago, I was in a Tina Turner kind of mood, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ was playing in the background as I prepared for a workshop on cultural awareness in virtual work environments. It got me thinking about the connection […]

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22 March 2021

Improving Employability Programmes in Africa

Emerging World’s Impact Assessment work helps Microsoft improve its employability programmes in Africa A well designed and implemented impact assessment shows how programmes impact stakeholders. In the world we work in, these might include programme participants and the organisation they work for. It might also […]

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16 February 2021

And this is just the Taster…

In 2020 we hosted the first INmersive Experience Taster session – A half day event that enabled people with an interest in our work to come together and experience how a virtual Immersion programme feels. Six participants from a range of corporations came together virtually […]

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