Client Journey

Our tailored programmes are created following a ‘Design – Delivery – Impact’ framework. 

From programme briefing workshops to impact assessment, we work with clients, associates and partners to produce the best possible experience for every participant.



Understand Client Objectives (Create Brief)

The most important part of the process; defining the right question. Working together with the client, we focus in on the objective of the programme and discover the right solution.

Programme Design

With the objective as our goal, we design the programme from end-to-end. We often collaborate with the client exploring different options and may work with experts from our associate network to include depth understanding of specific content.

Programme Set-up

With the design signed off, we go into set-up. This is where all logistics and partners are confirmed, participant selection can occur and everything is made ready for the immersion to begin.


Pre-Immersion Prep

The immersive experience begins once the participants join. This can include some cultural or information orientation prior to the experience, or some classroom learning to ensure a strong knowledge foundation.

Immersive Experience

The main event. This is where participants will be taken out of their comfort zones, work with partners and experience the deeply emotional impacts of the immersion.


This is the first point of translation, taking the visceral experience and working with skillful facilitation and reflective coaching to enable participants to better and more clearly understand the learnings.


Application of Learning

The second point of translation is where we work with participants to apply their experience and learnings to their role, their business and their personal purpose. This can be achieved through workshops and personal executive coaching.

Measure Impact

To understand the impact of the experience both short and long-term, we apply a thorough assessment of each programme looking at the depth and breadth of impacts and the effect on both personal and business outcomes.

Business Shift Towards Objectives

The intended objective, as defined by the initial stage, should be delivered through the completion of the programme and create a business shift by changing the participants’ perspectives and helping shape a better future.