Corporate Volunteering to Meet Business Objectives

Building a globally-aware workforce
When you want employees that understand the realities of working in teams with colleagues from diverse cultures and contexts; and doing business in parts of the world where the values and norms are different from their own, Corporate International Service Learning can provide the skills and competency development you need.

Leveraging flagship programs
Many companies are establishing multi-year, multi-million dollar partnerships with international NGOs that aim to create shared value and impact. Leveraging these partnerships with Corporate International Service Learning programs brings them to life for employees and provides opportunities to share skills and expertise at the same time as building a wide range of leadership development competencies.

Benefits flow in both directions. Companies gain credibility from a meaningful approach to corporate global citizenship, delivering real social impact in the emerging world and inside the company loyalty is enhanced by the corporation’s ability to facilitate experiences which are personally challenging and ethically rewarding.

Developing the leaders’ leaders
How do you provide transformational development opportunities for those at the very top of your company without taking them out of the business for long periods of time? Our short, sharp immersion programs can make a significant and lasting difference to ways of thinking and acting, to team dynamics and to collaboration. And by working together on a real challenge facing a not for profit or government agency, there is the added benefit of having a positive impact on society which becomes an ethical asset to the business and a way of expressing positive global values.

Emerging World’s Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) approach uses experiential learning to deliver leadership development in the rewarding and practical context of the global classroom.

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