Pwani Teknowgalz Perspective

Upon receiving the invitation to partner with Emerging World for their Team INmersion, we immediately knew the challenge we would be bringing to the Team INmersion programme:  How do we acquire our own physical training spaces to effectively conduct our programs to supplement our virtual offerings?  This was the question we had been grappling with for several weeks as demand continued to increase for our programs in the City of Mombasa and in other counties nationwide.

The team at Emerging World took time to understand who we are, the work we do and the environment we operate in before diving into the challenge at hand. The team’s focus and dedication to assist us to develop solutions was remarkable! This motivated my colleague Aisha and I to be open and share more freely about some of our thinking around how we imagined we would navigate that. The team asked great questions and provided invaluable feedback that assisted us in our thinking.

In the course of our conversations, our perspectives on the challenge and possible solutions broadened:  We explored the resources needed and the order of priority to acquire them and we realized that we could leverage on our network of the young women we work with in the process finding and setting up our own space. This helped us to shape the next steps.  In fact, we are pleased to say that one of our program beneficiaries has got on boarded to support our efforts in finding and setting up a training space. We now see that with the resources we have, we can acquire a small training office for a start and are on the lookout within our city.

We really appreciate the Emerging world team for the support accorded to us as the program came at the right time when we had a pressing challenge as an organization. Following our work, we are confident that we will be able to actualize our plans of having our own training space to continue with the impactful work of equipping young women with technology skills.

Ruth Kaveke, Director, Pwani Teknowgalz.