A Year in Review

Take a look at our latest Emerging World newsletter that provides a spotlight on our work over the past year. In the midst of an environment of complexity and uncertainty, we have remained committed to using immersive experiences to change perspectives and shift business towards a future of greater equality, diversity, collaboration and hope.

Check it out at the link below, and let us know if anything sparks your curiosity…

 Our December 2022 Newsletter

Partner Insights

It has been an incredible time of connection and insightful conversations with many of our partners in various ways as we have sought to understand the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on their work. Some weeks ago, we posed questions for reflection and many came back with their perspectives through email and calls. More recently we sent out a survey to consolidate their inputs on their needs as a result of the pandemic and some ways we can support them virtually which we are happy to share with you here.

 Virtual Engagement and Support Survey Outputs


Learning from the Leading Edge

At Emerging World we are learners, observers and change makers. We constantly strive to understand new thinking from the leading edge. Here is where we like to share our thinking, what we’ve been up to and the thoughts and ideas of others. It is intended to entertain, inspire and provide aspirational fuel to fire innovative ideas that shape a better future.

Learning from the Leading Edge Blog