Our North Star

At Emerging World, we’re obsessed with creating immersive experiences that change perspectives, to shift business and shape a better future. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been asking ourselves what that better future really looks like. This has led to the development of Our North Star – a vision for a better future consisting of 7 characteristics and 7 levers for change.

Our North Star provides us with an understanding of what building the better future that our solutions offer means, and the actions that we can take to get there. The seven characteristics form our philosophy for a better future, a place of equality, diversity, opportunity, collaboration, justice and hope. The seven levers for change is a compass to guide the actions we can all take to get there.

Our North Star reminds us that small actions can have a massive impact when we all commit to taking them. It also helps us to identify the changes that bring our better future into being… The ripples that become the waves on distant shores. We’re proud to share our North Star, and over the next couple of months, we will be shining the spotlight on partners, people and programmes using the levers for change to build a better future for all of us.

Building a better future through our programmes has always been our goal, and this will not change. But we will use our North Star to continually better ourselves, challenge our preconceptions, invite fresh perspectives even when they challenge us and deliver the best possible solutions with our best possible selves . We do all of this so that our future really is a better version of where we are today. But we certainly can’t do this alone so if you’re also inspired to bring this Better Future into being, come and align your strengths and energies with us.

Read our North Star for a Better Future and see which point on the star resonates with you

Our North Star