Leadership Development

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders to navigate uncertainty with confidence through immersive experiences.

Tomorrow’s leaders operate in a world of uncertainty with rapid changes and significant disruption. Our experiences challenge participants at a visceral level to engage with the world differently and embrace new perspectives which drives shifts in behaviours and attitudes.

Leaders return with new skills and tools and the ability effectively navigate the complex challenges they face.



Case Studies

Using virtual immersive learning to navigate turbulent times

Emerging World: Virtual Open Enrolment

Navigating in Turbulent Times was Emerging World’s first fully virtual open enrolment immersion experience. The INmersion approach applied Emerging World’s Principles of Immersive Learning to create a powerful experience that emphasised personal growth, learning and solving real problems and challenges.

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Bringing purpose to life among young executives


Maersk required a powerful immersive experience that would help bring to life its redefined corporate purpose for new talent starting their careers with the company.

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Reframing the future and shifting perspectives through immersive learning

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation: Change Agents Programme

KPC required an end-to-end leadership programme that helped senior leaders reframe their potential future when looking through a low-carbon lens. An immersive learning journey was created with 3 modules consisting of ‘seeing, being and making the change’.

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Equipping senior leaders to lead authentically

Salesforce: Leading for Purpose

Design Salesforce needed a purpose-led module as part of their executive leadership programme, ‘Leading Ohana’. Delivery Leaders participate in a 5-day immersive module focused on leveraging their skills to give back to compelling purpose-driven organisations in diverse locations such as Detroit, Ho Chi Minh City […]

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Peer Learning Coaching Circles

Emerging World

Design The Emerging World Peer Coaching Learning Circles programme was designed to support the ongoing learning and development of leaders within our partner organisation network. A select group of senior leaders from purpose-driven, non-profit organisations participated in this Experience. Delivery The programme was delivered virtually […]

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Creating connections and driving change in the workplace

Salesforce: Team Development

Salesforce required an experience to enable the Salesforce Essentials and SMB team to connect with each other through values and causes that inspired them, creating deeper connections at a more visceral level.

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Equipping Senior Leaders to Drive Change and Create Impact

Salesforce: Virtual Executive Development Experience

Salesforce required a senior executive development experience focused on Authentic Leadership & Purpose that could be delivered virtually. The programme needed to challenge leaders to understand their leadership and the kind of change that was possible for them.

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Learning to lead globally by working on social impact challenges

Credit Suisse: Leading Beyond the Organization

Leading Beyond the Organization (LBO) is an optional module for participants on the Senior Directors Leadership Development Programme. It’s goal is to provide participants with the opportunity to explore how their leadership transcends the boundaries of the organization by working with community partners supported by the CS Foundation on unresolved complex challenges they are facing.

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