Impacting Global Partners through Peer Coaching Circles

Peer Coaching is growing in popularity. It’s a great way for people to support each other in structured and scalable way. At Emerging World, we are increasingly integrating peer coaching approaches into our learning experiences to support positive learning outcomes, drive engagement and increase community and belonging. This is particularly valuable in an increasingly remote working world.

As part of our developing practice in this area, we designed the Emerging World Peer Learning Coaching Circle (PLCC) programme, the first of which took place between 17th February and 17th March 2022. The fully virtual programme was designed to support the ongoing learning and development needs of leaders within our partner organisation network.

In this truly global programme, a select group of purpose-driven, non-profit partners from 3 continents participated in the experience. Participants worked together supporting each other to tackle real organisational challenges while engaging in authentic dialogue around three themes relevant to navigating today’s world: Building empathy through great questions, diversity & inclusion and bias & assumptions.

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Over five weeks, participants joined a weekly 150-minute coach-supported session. Through these sessions, partners were able to collaborate on solving the challenges they currently face in their organisations. This involved each partner bringing their most pressing issues to the table for discussion with the peer group. This kind of collaboration enables richer relationships in the partner network and facilitates peer to peer learning.

Solidarity Foundation, one of the partner organisations participating in the programme, are an Indian based NGO that supports the LGBTIAQ+ communities, sex workers and people living with HIV. They do this by enhancing leadership, expanding livelihood options, bettering health outcomes and supporting advocacy for the recognition and realisation of the rights of these communities, especially those who face discrimination on multiple grounds.

The challenge they presented was “how do we maintain focus and prioritise the important long-term visioning work when there are so many different demands; from raising funds to strengthening the team, and from ensuring project delivery to dealing with administrative and compliance issues is a challenge?”

“The PLCC was a chance to reframe our organisational challenges and think about practical next steps. An enjoyable learning experience that is carefully crafted to allow participation and building relationships”
Shubha Chacko, Solidarity Foundation.

The final session of the programme gave time for participants to reflect on their journey, share their experiences and develop an integration plan to use in their organisation.

The PLCC is the first peer programme provided through Emerging World’s Partner Innovation Hub. The Partner Innovation Hub is a space that allows opportunities for invention, engagement and communication with our partner network while supporting them to further their missions, often around greater social impact.  Through the Partner Innovation Hub, we are able to pilot new learning approaches that support partners, and in turn will support our clients.

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