02 May 2024

A Unique Virtual Immersive Experience 

As part of our 20th Anniversary, we wanted to create a virtual learning experience that supported members of our community to envision a better future and what we can do to help bring it into being.  In a world that feels more polarised and fragmented […]

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17 April 2024

5 steps you can take to shape a better future today

By Matthew Farmer  |  17 April 2024 Are you trying to figure out what you can do to shape a better future? You’re not alone. People are looking for meaning and purpose through their work more and more. To recognize Emerging World’s 20th Anniversary, we […]

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21 November 2023

Cultivating Leadership Excellence: The Power of Building Engaged Leadership Communities in Big Organisations

By Ionela Spinu  |  22 November 2023 In an era of hybrid work models, rapid technological advancement and hyper-complexity, fostering communities of leaders is crucial. Leaders of today are faced with complex challenges that come without a blueprint solution and require diverse perspectives to be […]

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07 September 2022

Corporate Volunteering and Employee Activism

There’s been some huge changes in workplaces around the globe over the last couple of years. The way people work and interact with colleagues and leaders would be almost unrecognisable to previous generations of employees. Today employees are speaking out on political and social issues […]

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22 March 2021

Improving Employability Programmes in Africa

Emerging World’s Impact Assessment work helps Microsoft improve its employability programmes in Africa A well designed and implemented impact assessment shows how programmes impact stakeholders. In the world we work in, these might include programme participants and the organisation they work for. It might also […]

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25 November 2020

Partner Perspectives: Solidarity Foundation

The latest stories in our partner perspectives series feature some of the amazing partner organisations who have been inspirational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They are organisations that have inspiring stories of courage and innovation to share. The partner organisations that feature in the series are […]

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29 October 2019

Using CISL to Drive Employee Connection with Corporate Purpose

Purpose is becoming more embedded in business. It is a major driving force that is seen as vital for the incoming generations of employees who demand that their place of work has a positive effect on the world. Only recently, the ‘Business Roundtable’, a group […]

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