2019 CISL Impact Benchmark Study

2019 Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) Impact Benchmark Study.


 Download the 2019 CISL Impact Benchmark Study


We have just launched the 2019 CISL Impact Benchmark Study and will be sharing insights from the data and hearing the stories of impact from the people who run the programmes in a series of webinars.

Please join us for one, more or all of the webinars, to learn about the potential and possibilities that Immersive Learning Experiences can bring to your organisation. To register click the links below:

20 November 2019 @ 4pm (UK)

Immersive Experiences Build Global Leaders

This webinar, created with Learning Professionals in mind, will outline how immersive learning experiences develop the skills and mind set needed for senior executives to navigate a continually shifting world. To demonstrate the power immersive learning has on executive development, Mitch Stallard, Dir. Talent Development at Salesforce will share how the approach is one of the key contributors in shaping leadership at the tech giant.

26 November 2019 @ 3pm (UK)

CISL Experiences Drive Engagement

This webinar will support corporate responsibility, internal communications and human resources professionals responsible for employee engagement by providing insights on how Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) and international corporate volunteering programmes can help build morale, motivation, loyalty and pride.