Corporate Volunteering

Enabling companies to tap into employees’ passion to make a difference while helping to drive positive social and environmental change.

Today’s workforce expects their company to behave responsibly and provide them with opportunities to use their skills outside of their day jobs. Our global corporate volunteering programmes enable companies to tap into that passion and help drive positive social and environmental change.

These experiences develop deeper employee skills and expertise and create stronger bonds with their companies. Our approach ensures a triple win: for society, for the employees and for the company.

Join us as we discuss how best to drive impact in corporate volunteering programmes in both virtual and in-person settings.


Best of Both Worlds: Harvesting the Hybrid Opportunity of Skills-Based Volunteering

The Best of Both Worlds Report, the product of our latest research, is now public! It is full of valuable insights on how you can maximise the impact of your skills-based volunteering programmes to ensure benefits for the businesses, employees, and partners and causes you support.




Connecting employees to purpose while driving sustainability priorities in Europe

Unit4: Act4Good Anniversary Experience

In 2022, Unit4 launched the pilot of their Act4Good Anniversary Experience. The week-long volunteering programme gives employees the opportunity to work with local partners to support causes they care about.

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Developing employees’ skills and capabilities while building strong community partnerships

Mars: Mars Ambassador Program

Emerging World worked alongside the Mars team to support teams of 4-7 individuals who spend a week in communities across the supply chain outside the US, as well as longer term 4-week individual assignments focusing on business aligned issues.

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Leveraging employee skills to support African businesses

Microsoft: MySkills4Afrika

Microsoft wanted to shift attitudes towards Africa within the wider company and increase skills in its African partner ecosystem. The solution was to design a unique programme that provided MS employees all over the world with an opportunity to use their skills to support African businesses and startups.

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