Our North Star

Our North Star for a Better Future

Our purpose is to Change Perspectives to Shift Business and Shape a Better Future. But what does a Better Future look like? And how can businesses lead the way towards it? These are our Levers for Change:

Regenerative Thinking

The systems we live in are creaking. From a global economic system that widens the gap between rich and poor, to criminal justice systems that fail to rehabilitate, and the unfair expectations placed upon workers. They are either inadequate for current demands or unfair to too many people. At a political level this creates polarisation. At a personal level it leads to burnout. And at a planetary level it leads to catastrophe.

A Better Future means breaking old systems and challenging the status quo. Net Zero is no longer an adequate aspiration, a Better Future means leaving legacies in better shape than when we received them. We challenge businesses to step in where governments are moving too slowly, to change their old systems and create cultures that can embrace change.

Lever for Change: Rethink your legacy

Continuous Learning

The future is not a single point in time. In our Better Future, we will be continuously learning. To thrive in this dynamic world, we need to be curious, to be open to new perspectives and ways of seeing things. We must be capable of unlearning the things that no longer serve us and be willing to be ‘unexpert’ at the new things we try. To do this we must expose ourselves to new experiences, embrace opportunities to see and do things differently. To reflect on what works, what could be done differently and what is no longer relevant.

Businesses who take their expertise for granted will become outdated and obsolete. Businesses that value continuous learning, will evolve and adapt to thrive in a changing world.

Lever for Change: Invest in learning and unlearning.


It is hard to change anything for the better until we truly understand ourselves. In our Better Future we will be able to admit our mistakes and forgive others more readily. We’ll know that we cannot know all the answers. Instead, we’ll invite collaboration and commit to continuously learn. Enabling us to navigate the uncertainty and ambiguity that comes hand in hand with meaningful change.

We invite organisations to allow people to fail safely, to teach active listening and to provide a safe space to explore new ways of designing the future.

Lever for Change: Create safe spaces to fail.

The Diversity Advantage

Diversity isn’t just about representation, it’s a source of innovation. We want to see a world where people recognise diversity as a source of competitive advantage.

Organisations who recognise that different mindsets, perspectives, and cultures help power innovation, will make the leaps forward we need to see to build a future that works better for everyone.

Lever for Change: Invest in diversity as a source of innovation.

Inclusive Ingenuity

A world that works for everyone is inclusive. The words “minority” and “marginalized” have no place because all voices, ideas and experiences are respected and represented equitably. Our Better Future means people of diverse SOGIE (sexual orientation, gender identity & expression), race and ethnicity are seen and heard non-judgmentally. Everyone can participate and benefit through the contributions we make.

Businesses with more inclusive cultures foster greater belonging and provide identity and meaning that nourishes and drives commitment, retention and purpose. And more inclusive cultures create better and more sustainable solutions.

Lever for Change: Learn your biases and seek fresh perspectives.

Purpose Beyond Profit

The organisations we choose to work for will know what they stand for and why they exist.

When institutions are purpose led, we trust them more and feel better about ourselves. We find more meaning in our work and seek less through consumption.

In our Better Future, organisations without purpose will be left behind, unloved and unsupported. But those with a compelling purpose will inspire the energy of others to achieve great things that have genuine value.

Lever for Change: Pursue a purpose beyond profit, and profit will follow.

Silo Smashing

The most pressing challenges that face us are multi-faceted and complex. They are too substantial and systemic to be tackled in isolation. They require people with diverse perspectives and values to co-create solutions. In our Better Future, there is a balance of independence and interdependence; enabling people to have agency and autonomy together with the capacity to integrate new perspectives on issues of shared concern. Finding ways to share power to generate power.

The business world has the opportunity to be a driving force of positive change, working in partnership with other forces such as government and the third sector to move the needle on important issues.

Lever for Change: Bust your silos & cross pollinate.


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