Partner Perspective: Dream a Dream

These blog posts feature the perspectives of some of the amazing partner organisations who are a focal part of our Immersive Experiences. At Emerging World, the work of our partners inspires the participants in our programmes in life-defining ways and challenges them to think differently about the things that deeply affect people and truly drive change. Our work also supports our partners to shift the way they work and have a greater impact. These posts allow our partners to share their stories and perspectives of the work they do and the impact this is having in communities and in the world more broadly! It is our hope that their experiences and insights will inspire us to look deep and explore ways we can do more for the world!

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The second in our series is….

Dream a Dream

Hi. I am Vishal Talreja, founder of Dream a Dream, an education-based organization in Bangalore, India, and a HundrED 2020 Innovator of the Year award Winner for 2019!

We empower children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish using a creative life skills approach. Currently, 10,000 young people a year go through one of two innovation labs – the After-School Life Skills Programme and the Career-Connect Programme in Bangalore. Having also trained over 7700 teachers/educators from over 200 partners, about 192,500 children have been impacted to date. Dream a Dream’s reach continues to expand in more state governments in India, with the potential to reach over 3.5 million children!

Recently, we partnered with Emerging World and Salesforce for an immersive Leadership Development programme in Bangalore.

Through this engagement we welcomed a large group of 25 or so Salesforce senior leaders to come and interact with some of the young people we work with in our Career-Connect centres. We then had the opportunity to work with a smaller subset of leaders more intensively on a challenge our organization has been facing concerning our fundraising.

As we worked together, we were able to unpack and analyse the challenges our organization faces in retail fundraising and come up with tangible solutions to diversify our fundraising strategy. What’s more, our team raised 300 donations in just 10 days through our Daan Utsav fundraising campaign, which is a record for our organization! Following the programme, we have been able to directly implement knowledge gained and conversations we had during the week into a new retail strategy and into our fundraising campaign. Thanks to the incredible support and dedication from the Salesforce and Emerging World teams, we now have champions of our work across the globe and are able to broaden our reach!

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