Experiential learning to foster an inclusive workplace

WP Engine: Thrive Together Strategic Initiative DEI-B Workshop

Experiential learning to foster an inclusive workplace


WP Engine, a leading tech company headquartered in Austin, TX, with several international offices, places diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI-B) at the core of its strategic pillars. Recognizing the significance of these principles, WP Engine incorporated DEI-B as a prominent focus during its annual leadership summit through a co-designed workshop facilitated by Emering World.


The DEI team at WP Engine sought to design and deliver an impactful and tailored DEI-B workshop to help foster a mindset of inclusive leadership among its 200 leaders present at the 2-day Annual Leadership Summit and make DEI-B central to their considerations at work. They wanted the workshop to be engaging and interactive, while challenging leaders to confront bias, address issues of power and priviledge and ultimately work toards creating a more inclusive workplace.


Emerging World worked with WP Engine to co-design an experience that would be immersive and engaging. The result was a 2.25-hr session for both in-person and virtual participants that included activities that challenged their assumptions, reimagined their relationships with power and privilege and explored the intricacies of interconnectedness. Sense-making circles were incorporated to enable leaders to process their learnings effectively as well as opportunities for leaders to share their vulnerabilities around biases and assumptions in a safe and empathetic space.

A panel discussion comprising leaders from diverse backgrounds concluded the session in addition to a call to action from the VP of DEI encouraging all attendees to commit to continuing the journey towards a diverse and inclusive workplace. Each session allowed participants to engage in an authentic and emphathetic way alongisde their peers.

Diverse group of people sitting on stage during a panel discussion


Initial observations and a follow-up survey indicate that the immersive experience profoundly impacted participants, generating numerous ‘aha’ moments and a desire to continue learning. Many leaders want to cascade learning to their teams and build on trust, allyship and belonging to create high-performing teams. On a scale of 1-5, 83 percent of respondents gave the session a rating of “4” or higher. It was one of the top three sessions of the two-day Leadership Summit.

“I continue to receive positive feedback from our leaders stating how powerful and transformative the experience was. Kudos to Jeannine Gant and the Emerging World team for co-designing the workshop and helping bring our vision to life.”

– Tasha McCormick, VP of DEI, WP Engine

“There are so many layers to DEI. Happy to see we are peeling back the layers and we are comfortable with conversations that can feel uncomfortable at times.”

– Session Participant