Experiential learning to foster an inclusive workplace

WP Engine: Thrive Together Strategic Initiative DEI-B Workshop

WP Engine, a leading tech company headquartered in Austin, TX, with several international offices, places diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI-B) at the core of its strategic pillars. Recognizing the significance of these principles, WP Engine incorporated DEI-B as a prominent focus during its annual leadership summit through a co-designed workshop facilitated by Emering World.

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Building inclusive leadership behaviours by collaborating on issues of systemic inequality

ServiceNow: Immersive Learning Experience – Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) Leadership Summit

ServiceNow’s annual DIBS summit’s immersive learning experience for senior leaders immersed participants in the challenges facing organizations addressing systemic inequalities around the worked while at the same time developing their inclusive leadership behaviours and collaborative problem-solving skills.

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