16 May 2024

A Transformative Experience that Helped Forge a New Path

by John Lentini  |  16 May 2024 This year Emerging World turns 20! We’re celebrating all the ways our immersive experiences have had an impact on the participants, partner organisations and clients we’ve supported over the last 20 years. In 2014, while based in Poland […]

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17 August 2023

Making It Human: Putting the Heart into Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering Programmes

By Amanda Bowman   |   17 August 2023 We’re now at Week 3 in our series looking at the five themes that drive impact in Corporate Skills-Based Volunteering. Last week we reflected on how Corporate Volunteering Programme Managers could focus support in order to […]

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18 January 2023

Never mind the resolutions; here are some ideas on how to make your international corporate volunteering programme 2023-ready

By Amanda Bowman  |  19 January 2023 Whether or not you’re the kind of person that makes (or breaks) resolutions each January (or even avoids them completely), a new year does provide the opportunity to set some priorities for things to start, stop and do […]

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07 September 2022

Corporate Volunteering and Employee Activism

There’s been some huge changes in workplaces around the globe over the last couple of years. The way people work and interact with colleagues and leaders would be almost unrecognisable to previous generations of employees. Today employees are speaking out on political and social issues […]

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06 September 2022

The Best of Both Worlds

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed a massive growth in companies taking their Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) virtual. This has undoubtedly expanded the potential for International Corporate Volunteering programmes, but what should companies be thinking about now to make the most of these […]

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22 June 2022

The Four Shifts Shaping Leadership Development

The Pandemic has changed the Leadership Development landscape forever, but are corporate leaders ready to accept the new realities? Understanding the broader shifts and designing the right learning experiences play a big part in making this happen. To inform our design process at Emerging World, […]

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06 June 2022

Now! for Corporate Volunteering…

I’ve been reflecting on my many recent conversations with people responsible for international corporate volunteering programmes. They’re all excited about the fact that their people are returning to in-person corporate volunteer assignments. They’re also mindful of their experiences over the last couple of not-so-normal years […]

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06 April 2022

CISL in Action

What does a CISL programme look like? In our recent CISL Builds Resilience Blog series, we’ve shared a lot of data about the impact of Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) experiences. This data is valuable and provides important insights, but amidst all the numbers it’s […]

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29 March 2022

Adapting CISL to the Current Context

In 2021, we conducted the Emerging World Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) Resilience Study. The Study has provided brilliant data that helps us further understand how the design of immersive learning experiences can impact participant outcomes. Through the Study, one of the areas that we […]

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02 March 2022

Developing Resilience Behaviours with Immersive Learning

Corporate International Service Learning experiences challenge employees to use their skills to help different purpose-driven organisations in other parts of the world. These valuable immersive experiences also enable participants to learn skills, develop new behaviours and foster a mindset that helps them to make the […]

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23 February 2022

Immersive Experiences Build Resilience… We’ve got the Data!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to rethink how to develop their people, support civil society partners and deliver any Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programmes. This has resulted in drastic changes to immersive experience programme design, and at extreme speed. An example […]

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22 March 2021

Improving Employability Programmes in Africa

Emerging World’s Impact Assessment work helps Microsoft improve its employability programmes in Africa A well designed and implemented impact assessment shows how programmes impact stakeholders. In the world we work in, these might include programme participants and the organisation they work for. It might also […]

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25 November 2020

Partner Perspectives: Solidarity Foundation

The latest stories in our partner perspectives series feature some of the amazing partner organisations who have been inspirational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They are organisations that have inspiring stories of courage and innovation to share. The partner organisations that feature in the series are […]

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24 November 2020

Immersive Experiences Build Resilience

2020 has been a challenging year that has tested people’s resilience. We know that Corporate International Service Learning (CISL) programmes shift behaviour because they stretch and challenge participants, but we wanted to further understand how these types of programmes help to build the resilience required […]

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18 November 2020

Learning from Immersion to develop INmersion

As with most organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on how we do business. One of the biggest impacts for our work concerns international travel, which is a significant element of many of the Immersive Learning Experiences that we provide. Experiencing a change […]

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05 October 2020

Re-imagining powerful developmental experiences online

There’s no doubt that during 2020 large numbers of us started embracing online learning in a way that we never had before. Perhaps it’s been a forced migration for many, but people who are hungry to learn may have been surprised at the abundance of […]

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10 February 2020

The Credit Suisse Global Citizens Program – changing lives forever

In a series of articles, our Corporate Volunteering Lead, Amanda Bowman discusses with organisations what makes their corporate volunteer programmes successful and looks at how their programmes hold up to Emerging World’s new Standard for Corporate Volunteering for the 2020s. The Standard includes a set […]

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14 January 2020

Taking the PULSE of GSK’s flagship international corporate volunteering

In a series of articles over the coming months, our Corporate Volunteering Lead, Amanda Bowman discusses with organisations what makes their corporate volunteer programmes successful and looks at how their programmes hold up to the Emerging World’s new standard for Corporate Volunteering for the 2020s. […]

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19 November 2019

CISL drives employee engagement

Engagement is defined as an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to a job, to colleagues and to an organisation. Being fully engaged at work profoundly influences an employee’s willingness to learn and perform – and has real impact on a company’s bottom line. So, […]

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13 November 2019

Measuring the deep impact of Immersive Learning

Measuring the impact of learning experiences can be a challenge! When employees attend learning interventions, it’s generally expected that they will improve their job performance somehow and that this increase will ultimately have an impact on business performance. However, getting reliable data post learning intervention […]

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30 October 2019

3 reasons why your organisation should consider Immersive Experiences

Increasingly we are seeing leading global organisations, including BD, Credit Suisse, GSK, Microsoft, Mars and Salesforce, use Immersive Experiences to develop their leaders and employees. Immersive Experience approaches, such as Corporate International Service Learning (CISL), are not new but they are turning more and more […]

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29 October 2019

Using CISL to Drive Employee Connection with Corporate Purpose

Purpose is becoming more embedded in business. It is a major driving force that is seen as vital for the incoming generations of employees who demand that their place of work has a positive effect on the world. Only recently, the ‘Business Roundtable’, a group […]

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21 October 2019

Developing Responsible Leaders for better businesses that benefit society

The increasing power of corporations makes business leaders some of the most powerful people in the world today. With this increased power comes an increased responsibility: to lead business for the benefit of all society. As a result, companies need their leaders to live their […]

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14 October 2019

Corporate Volunteering for the 2020’s

PRESS reset for a corporate volunteering programme fit for today’s and tomorrow’s employees’ and society’s expectation By Amanda Bowman, Corporate Volunteering Lead at Emerging World. How annoying is it when your computer becomes sluggish and programs aren’t working as smoothly as they did a while […]

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