Reframing the future and shifting perspectives through immersive learning

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation: Change Agents Programme

Reframing the future and shifting perspectives through immersive learning


Facing the possibility of a low-carbon future, the oil and gas industry was under pressure, particularly in Kuwait where the hydrocarbon value chain contributes more than 90% of GDP. To help deal with this challenge, KPC identified a cohort of newly appointed senior managers to become Change Agents. Requiring a highly customised intervention to support their development, KPC worked in partnership with NTEC, Emerging World and Kenneth Mikkelsen to design and deliver a culturally appropriate programme.


KPC faced the challenge of helping senior leaders, each with over 20 years of experience, envision a potential future through a low-carbon, environmentally sustainable lens. The need was to reframe their perspectives and capabilities in alignment with evolving global sustainability goals.​


The programme involved 3 modules–See the Change (London), Be the Change (Mumbai), and Make the Change (Copenhagen)– focused on helping participants understand their vision and how to influence change and build trust through authentic personal narratives. The London module incorporated a 2-day immersive engagement with local partner organisations driving social change to shift the perspective of the participants.


A customised assessment was developed before and after the programme to measure progress across 20 different dimensions. There was positive movement in 18 of the 20 dimensions and 82% of participants felt the programme had a positive impact on business results. Additionally, 100% of participants ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that the relationships they developed with colleagues through the programme will support them to take forward change. Since completing the programme, 87% of participants have already recommended it to others.

“The Change Agents Programme marked a shift in our approach. It took time for people to become more comfortable with a new way of working but we are beginning to see results and have started putting more newly assigned Managers through the programme to help us make the changes we need to as an organization.”

– Husain Sanasiri, Manager Training, Planning and Support, KPC